The Autism and Behavior Center helps children overcome the deficits of autism or similar disorders by providing empirically supported therapeutic interventions. ABC staff are trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis and use ABA to reduce a child’s negative behaviors and teach a new set of skills. Staff are trained to recognize and interrupt the repetitive and self stimulatory behaviors that cause a child to retreat into his/her own world. In addition, staff focus on teaching children the social and communication skills necessary to succeed.

ABC is a unique. We are extremely small which provides each child and family individualized treatment. We provide only clinic based services which allows children the opportunity to practice social skills with peers and participate in group activities with 1:1 support. All of the children at ABC start therapy with our licensed clinicians, Dr. Wegner and Kimberly Sattler, Ms, BCBA. When Behavior Therapists and Technicians are added to a child’s team, they are provided daily support and supervision. This ensures the highest quality of therapy.